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Ethnofiction - Practicebased PhD in Applied Drama and Ethnographic Film

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Curriculum Vitae

Sjöberg, Johannes Erik

  24 February 1969
  Actor and Ethnographic Filmmaker
  BA Social Anthropology
MA Visual Anthropology Actingschool, two years
  Swedish Union of Theatre, Artists and Media

Swedish, mothers tongue
English, fluent
Spanish, fluent
Portuguese, fluent
French, not fluent

Camera skill:

Sony PD-170


Editing skill:

  Avid and Adobe Premiere Professional
Certificates :

Drivers Licence, PADI Diving Certificate


Since my upper secondary degree in Social Science and Drama, I’ve balanced on the sometimes very thin line between artistic and scientific forms of representation.

I have two years theatre education and I have worked as an actor/director in Sweden, Guatemala and Brazil, as well as a DV-filmmaker in the UK.

In 1997 I graduated in Social Anthropology at the University of Stockholm, Sweden. I feel comfortable with the qualitative method of anthropologists; the participant observation – to live in another cultural context during a extended period of time, in order to gain a more profound under-standing of what is known as "the native's point of view".

I wanted to mediate an understanding of different ways of living to a wider audience than the academic, why I attended a film education for anthropologists in Manchester, UK: ‘ MA in Visual Anthropology’. In December 2001 I completed my first ethnographic film: ‘Long Time No See’ about orphans I had been working with in Guatemala.

Since 2002 I have been working as a lecturer in Visual Anthropology at various universities, as well as an actor and DV-filmmaker in different productions.

In 2003 I started the company, in order to put my diverse experiences of ethnography, film and drama under the same roof.

Since Autumn 2004 I’m doing a practice-based PhD on the film genre of Ethnofictions, at the Department of Drama, University of Manchester, UK. The Research will result I one doctoral thesis and two films in 2007.


Co-organiser: Nordic Anthropological Film Association's 25th International Ethnographic Film Festival at the Museum of Ethnography in Stockholm 19 - 22 May 2005.


Workexperince and Education:


Academic: Three articles for the NAFA network and the CVA Circular.
Paper on Ethnofiction presented at the AVPhD workshop, Birkbeck College,UK.
Guestlecture: Ethnofiction. Social Anthropology, Stocholm University, Sweden.
Guestlecture: Using film in ethnography. On Visual Anthropology and Ethnographic Film. Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden.
Guestlecture: Ethnofiction. LISA, University of São Paulo, Brazil.
UG Supervision, Drama, Manchester University.
Fieldwork research and ethnographic filmmaking in São Paulo, Brazil.

Artistic: Actor: "'Journey to the End of the Night" by Eric Eason, Millennium Films, US.
Actor: Theatre company, “Metamorfo”, Sweden.
Filmdirector, "Drama Queens", Manchester University and FaktaFiktion Sweden.
Filmdirector: "Transfiction" Manchester University and FaktaFiktion Sweden.




Academic: Practice-based PhD Student in Drama, Manchester Univ. First Year.
Co-organiser: NAFA’s 25th International Film Festival (Stockholm)
Guest lecture and paper on ethnofictions: “From Play to Knowledge Workshop”Department of Social Anthrop.Manchester Univ.
Guest lecture on Ethnographic films: Association for students of Social Anthropology at Stockholm Univ. Guestlecture: ECA,USP. Drama Department at the University of São Paulo, Brazil.

Artistic: Actor, Theatre company, “Metamorfo”, Sweden
Speaker, Audiobooks, HB Gramma, Sweden
Filmdirector: “Nothing Can Stop Us”, FaktaFiktion Sweden




Academic: Four Guest lectures at Stockholm University,Sweden
Two Guest Lectures at The University College of Dalarna, Sweden
Guest Lecture and paper on ethnofictions: NAFA’s 24th International Film Festival (Estonia).

Artistic: Actor, Theatre company, “Metamorfo”, Sweden
Speaker, Audiobooks, HB Gramma, Sweden
Additional cameraman, “Road Trip”, Keofilms, Channel Four,UK




Academic: Two Guest lectures at The University College of Dalarna, Sweden

Artistic: Actor, Theatre company, “Metamorfo”, Sweden
Speaker, Audiobooks, HB Gramma, Sweden
Second cameraman, documentary, “The Hanging”, RA, London



Academic: MA in Visual Anthropology, University of Manchester

Filmmaker, ethnographic film, “Long time no see”, Guatemala Screened at the festivals DFG, NAFA and RAI.
One year International Theatre School: École Philippe Gaulier, London, UK




Academic: Freelance ghostwriter of Practical Philosophy, full-time

Artistic: Extra in television shows, part-time
Workshop Academy of Theatre, UC of Malardalen
Workshop: École Philippe Gaulier



Academic: Guest lecture at the University of Linköping: BA in Social Anthropology: "Artistic Freedom and Limitation of the Anthropologist", Stockholm Univ.
Seminar, Eugenio Barba, Denmark.
International School of Theatre Anthropology

Artistic: Stage Performance, by private tutor
Workshop Augosto Boal, Forum Theatre
Staged acrobatics, part-time education



Academic: Seminars, Eugenio Barba, Sweden
International School of Theatre Anthropology
Seminar, Intercultural Theatre, Intercult

Artistic: Staged acrobatics, part-time education
Lee Strasberg´s Method-acting, part-time
Keith Johnston´s Improvisation Theatre, part-time education
African dance, part-time education
Staged acrobatics, part-time education
Scriptwriting for Cinema and Television, part-time education
Workshop in radio theatre for actors,
Workshop with "The Roy Hart Theatre"



Artistic: Artistic Stanislavskij´s Theatre Improvisation, part-time edu.
Stage Performance, by private tutor
Actor in "Happiness Street Number 13", Rosenlund Theatre
Actor in"Papalagi-the white man", Stockholm Waterfestival
Freelance as speaker in radiocommercials



Academic: Spanish Language, part-time education in Guatemala

Artistic: Director of "Nativity Pastoral", Finca del Niño, Guatemala
Director of "If You Have Ears, Listen!", Finca del Niño

Other: Teacher in Spanish Literature and Theatre, full-time
Finca del Niño, Guatemala



Artistic: Actor in 'Teaterbolaget', a theatrecompany, full-time
Entertainer in pubs, part-time



Artistic: Actor in 'Tartuffe', amateur theatrical
Entertainer in conferences and other events, part-time
Actor in information movies, part-time



Artistic: Teacher in childrens theatre, part-time



Artistic: Video production, part-time education
Actor in amateur theatrical

Academic: Assistant at The Museum of Ostindiefararen Goteborg (Maritime Archeology) part-time


  Academic/Artistic: Upper secondary school. Specialisation: Social Science and Drama