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Scene from the film Nothing Can Stop Us! (Direction: Sjöberg, Sweden 2006)

TRAILER produces digital video films and offers camerawork/ directing for external documentary productions.

The company is managed by Johannes Sjöberg who has freelanced as a cameraman and DV-director since 2001.

Digital camera technique has liberated the
documentary film genre since the mid 90’,
technically as well as economically.

The film medium has become increasingly democratic. Due to comfortable equipment and reasonable prices, the DV-filmmaker approaches the free and independent role of the author.

But you won’t be an author just because you have a pen, you must have a story to tell and you have to do it well...

Poster from the film Roadtrip (Direction: Searle, UK 2003) 2nd Cameraman: Sjöberg produces documentary films, everything from talking heads films to observational cinema. The company especialises in the production of ethnographic documentaries, spoof documentaries and ethnofictions.

The Ethnographic Documentary filmgenre can be found somewhere in between Visual Anthropology - the academic base of the genre, and popular presentations for television and cinema. The purpose is to spread a complex understanding for cultural variations.

Photo from the film Long Time No See (Direction: Sjöberg, Guatemala and UK 2001)


The border between truth and lies is ethic; the one between fact and fiction is aesthetic.

When feature film directors use documentary film techiniques, and the documentary filmmakers use drama, they move in the borderland between fact and fiction. A no-man’s-land, were the storyteller plays with our associations.

The Spoof Documentary ('mockeymentary') mocks the genre of documentary filmmaking and use the format as a platform for satire, irony and parody.

The Ethnofiction is a genre where the director asks his informants to improvise a story in front of the camera, in a collaborative spirit. Dramatic improvisation is used to reveal aspects of the foreign culture that are hard to research and represent. aspires to be a trickster in film and media, and to be able to educate and entertain from its mobile home in the borderland between fact and fiction.