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Actor. Murdering Celebrities (Metamorfo-04)

faktafiktion.se is managed by Johannes Sjöberg – actor, director and theatre teacher since 1990. Favourite genre: politically incorrect theatre and intercultural theatre productions, with a touch of satire, preferably burlesque.

Active as an actor in Metamorfo, and reader, recording audio books at Gramma.


'TheatreThreeHitsAThird'’ is a forum for theatre and film productions in the spirit of Ecóle Philippe Gaulier: ’the pleasure of having fun’ is the ultimate condition for good acting. The theatre company consists of Jonas Södergren, Nils Davoust and Johannes Sjöberg.

1989 - 1990

1 year full-time theatre education
Theatre teacher and director for kids
Actor in several amateur theatricals

Actor. The Dinner (A Hedenström, right/Maxe-90)

1991 1992

Actor. Teaterbolaget.
Actor. Information films.
Entertainer at events. Evenemangsbyrån.
Theatre teacher and director. Guatemala.

Theatre Director. Natividad (Guatemala -92)

1993 – 1994

Actor. Papalagi. (Bergendorff - 93)
Actor. Happiness Street. (Zhou - 94)
1 year part-time Stanislavskijs improvisation
6 months part-time private acting lessons

Director. Miren si tienen ojos (Guatemala -93)

1995 – 1996

Speaker in radio commercials

1 year part-time education Lee Strasburg’s method acting

1 year part-time education Keith Johnston’s theatre improvisation
6 months part-time private acting lessons

Workshop radio theatre for actors
Workshop screenwriting for Cinema and TV
Workshop Forum theatre with Augusto Boal Workshop The Roy Hart Theatre, France

1-year part-time education Stage acrobatics
1-year part-time education taijichuan
6 months part-time education African dance

9th meeting, International School of Theatre Anthropology, Umeå
10th meeting, International School of Theatre Anthropology, Köpenhamn
2 seminars, Intercult, Stockholm

Actor. Papalagi (Wahlberg, right/Bergendorff-93)

1997 – 1998

Actor. Swedish Children’s Television. Workshop, National School of Theatre.
Workshop, École Philippe Gaulier, Sundsvall.

Rugbyclown (École Philippe Gaulier/UK-00)


1 year full-time international theatre school. École Philippe Gaulier, London.

Nagg in Endgame (A Panduro, left/Platzak-00)


Actor. ‘Murdering Celebrities’. Metamorfo.
Reader, audio books. Gramma.

Actor. Murdering Celebrities (Maxe-02)


Actor. Murdering Celebrities. Metamorfo
Actor. The Evil Axis, Nothing Can Stop Us! TheatreTwoHitsAThird.
Reader, audio books, Gramma

Actor. Nothing Can Stop Us! (Sjöberg-04)


Actor. Murdering Celebrities. Metamorfo
Reader, audio books, Gramma
Actor in the American film 'Journey to the End of the Night' by Eric Eason.

Poster to the film Journey to the End of the Night (Eric Eason, US-06) where I played a Russian drugdealer