In the first of a series of ethno science fiction film Call Me Back (2019) I ask English youth living in regions effected by drastic environmental change to improvise their own science fictions, especially with regards to climate change, in order to research and represent young people’s perceptions and understandings of the future.

In July 2014, James and I started to make the film Call Me Back (2017) as part of my research into the future. It begins with eighteen-year-old James entering an old style red phone booth next to his house in Shipley. He phones his future self and asks a series of pressing questions about the future, including his own life, the local town and the world in general. Exactly one year later I filmed James, who is now nineteen years old, walking into the same phone booth and responding to his past self, revealing changed outlooks and perspectives in the process. Over the course of the year, the shopping centre continues to be constructed and its changing outline can be seen in the background of the phone booth. Documentary shots reveal the changes to the environment surrounding the phone booth and James’s home, which he tries to relate to through his phone dialogues with his past and future selves.

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